About Us
We, the members of the Bellingham, Washington, Non-Uniformed City Employees, Local 114 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, believe that it is the natural right of those who toil to enjoy, to the fullest extent, the wealth created by our labor.  We realize that this result can be obtained only through organizational activity.  We realize that we must use our rights of citizenship intelligently through organizations founded upon cooperative, economic and political basis, acting along lines which use the natural resources, means of production and distribution for the benefit of all people, with the view of restoring the commonwealth, the inherent right of the people back into their hands.

​In accord with this belief, we, have for our immediate aims, the improvement and maintenance of the social and economic welfare of all City of Bellingham employees, without regard to color, race, creed or sex.  We promote efficiency in government and give clear evidence of our unity with organized labor.

​Now therefore, we, pledge ourselves to labor, unitedly, on behalf of the principles herein set forth; to perpetuate our organization on a basis of solidarity and justice; to expound its objects; to labor for the general adoption of its principles; and to consistently endeavor to bring about a higher standard of living.​