Executive Board
Officers Current Term: Dec 2017- Dec 2019


Jael Komac (Public Works)

Shayla Francis (Public Works)

Donna Grasdock (Library)

Andy Wojciechowski (Public Works)

Rene Sandoval (Public Works)

(...) place of employment​​

Shop Stewards:​
Chief Steward -Mitch Roberts
***If you need assistance, please email union.local114@gmail.com​​***

J​eff Jewell (Museum)
Keith Fredrikson (Public Works, Operations)
Rene Sandoval (Public Works, Streets-Surface, Storm-Solid Waste)
Amy Lathrop (Library)​
Rob Meyers (Traffic, Natural Resources)​
Mitch Roberts (Parks, Operations)​
Karen Powers (Police Records)
Alexandra Copeland (Police Records)​​
Nick Leininger (Public Works, Post Point)​
Tami Miller (Parks, Operations)
Trisha Lee (Public Works, Warehouse)

(...) group represented


​Nik Alexander: 12/2019-12/2021  
Todd Warger (Museum)​ Term: 12/2016-12/2019
Vacant Term: 12/2017-12/2020​

(...) place of employment​​

​Staff Representative:

If you need to speak to a staff rep, please email Chris Dugovich​